Why would the IB people want to Brainwash my Children?

When confronted with the information on this blog one of the first questions anyone would ask themselves as a parent is “Why would the creators of the International Baccalaureate program want to brainwash my children anyway?”.

I must admit this is the first question I asked myself when I began my research into the PYP program after sensing something just wasn’t quite right with my children’s education. Unfortunately this question seems the most difficult to answer and trying to do so may lead you on a path of disbelief, shock and possibly anger as you glimpse a world where few are privileged to manipulate the masses toward their cause.

Personally, I was taken aback because all the pieces of the puzzle started falling together, everything started to make sense, the things my children were saying, how they saw the world, their attitudes, their belief system and more importantly what they didn’t learn at school because it was not considered important. All of these were heavily influenced by the International Baccalaureate program.

Much of what I found out was simply not communicated by the school to parents, either because they didn’t think it was important or most likely they really weren’t aware of it themselves. Had I known  what I do now, I would definitely have reconsidered my children’s educational path.

Whether for ideological, political, financial, environmental or spiritual reasons, the horrible truth is that indoctrination and brainwashing is happening to impressionable young children before they have a chance to form their own basic views and experience life’s events. Basic academic concepts are giving way to fuzzy, feel good, non-academic outcomes of value and belief systems designed by psychologists.

Back to the question of “Why”. To truly answer that, you first need to know the history of the IB program, the bigger picture, it’s links to UNESCO, the United Nations and all the privateers in between who support and possibly even control the erosion of quality education. The tentacles of this indoctrination program span so far and wide that trying to make sense of them is near impossible to us as laymen. Many other websites go into much more detail and I will refer you to them in another post.

When researching the background of founding members, influential contributors and present and past executives of IB affiliated organizations, you will find a pattern of social engineering, psychological manipulation and attitude modification, all approved by governments around the world and implemented by progressive educators at a school near you.

In Private or Public, Religious or Non-Religious schools, the International Baccalaureate just happens to be one of the most direct forms of this psychological manipulation on our children, while others include the ubiquitous Outcomes Based Education model and the aptly named Mastery Learning. They are all linked to the same goal designed to take control of your children’s values, beliefs and world views.


3 thoughts on “Why would the IB people want to Brainwash my Children?

  1. IB programs focus on OUTCOMES and use theories and practices from PROGRESSIVE and HUMANISTIC ideology, called CONSTRUCTIVISM. In involves increased outside meddling in local and state education. IB philosophy is about:

    teaches all cultures are equal while highly critical of Western nations
    global citizenship
    social justice focus
    tolerance (i.e., mandated approval at all levels of feelings, attitudes, values, beliefs)

    group consensus and cooperative learning (e.g., group learning, suppression of personal convictions and values in order for all to agree, collectivism and socialism, not individualism)

    “curriculum” that embeds One World propaganda


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